This project outlines and proposes an intersector organizing project intended to connect separate areas of society into a unified project.

Does this project have a target demographic group? The answer might be "no", because the world today is divided into "silos" and separate sectors and specializations. This is probably inevitable, given the so-called bandwidth limitations of the individual human mind (see "The Magical Number Seven Plus or Minus Two", by George Miller). Nobody can hold all this material in their mind, or be aware of it -- not merely because it is so voluminous -- but also because its breadth and range of subject material is almost always not understood as connected.

But we are sensing the emergence of a new spirit of community, of wholeness, of oneness, of interconnection. There are millions of people across this planet who are maintaining high ideals, keeping the faith and the vision, and steadily putting one foot in front of the other. Yes, we have some challenges to overcome -- but we are believers. We can do this. Stay steady -- and PS, "sign here" -- we need you!

We are proposing a single underlying connective matrix or framework -- a single language, a single method, embodying new proposals for scientific method, and new interpretations for many concepts from philosophy and subject areas like metaphysics or religion or holism or theology.

A new spirit is arising -- a new spirit that is grounded in an ancient spirit. It is the spirit of trust, of community, of sharing, of collaboration and working together, of recognizing the great beauty and profound creative potential of our "diversity".