Weaving Unity is an emerging vision and design proposal intended to support the transition of national and global civilization into a new era of enlightened cooperation and shared understanding.

The design is based on fundamental principles of negotiated co-creative agreement. It proposes the development of a global-scale network project for bringing together many independent or disjointed elements and connecting them together into single "integral" framework.

The project is grounded in the ancient vision of the One, or Oneness, as found in philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality and religion. This traditional understanding is buttressed and supported by new interpretations arising in mathematics, cognitive psychology and computer science.

We are considering:

  • A common foundation for science, humanism, spirituality, semantics and mathematics.
  • An integral framework for civilization.
  • A new approach to democracy and collective self-governance, organized on the internet and based on dialogue in the context of the One.

We believe that today there is a rising global movement tending to interconnect and fuse together these elements, and we see the Weaving Unity project as part of that movement and helping to support it.

Our primary objectives:

  • Create a grounded common foundation for building shared understanding and agreement across traditions and disciplines and cultures and sectors.
  • Initiate the development of working network connections and collaborative systems for activating and refining this design.
  • Help facilitate the emergence of a rising spirit of unity recognized across all cultures and sectors.

Technical elements:

  • Develop a suite of new ideas in epistemology and the philosophy of mathematics, intended to help bridge the traditional divide between quantitative and qualitative concepts.
  • Explore and develop holistic and inclusive methods for collective decision-making.
  • Construct internet tools and methods to support connection, dialogue, negotiation and agreement, among organizations and people on any issue of mutual concern.

Science, religion, politics:

  • We brings these elements together into a single unity defined across a single spectrum, and position their relationship within a single integral context, a single container.
  • Science (and its activist phase, engineering) is our foundation for accuracy and reliability in specifics. We are bursting with potential and capacity and possibilities.
  • Religion (when purified and universalized in cross-cultural fusion) is the great wisdom and vision that can guide us all -- from any culture, from any tradition, from any healthy perspective -- into the path of wise choices we must make together to survive this current transition and move into a new era of enlightenment.
  • Politics is the fusion cauldron, the white-heat chalice of human interconnection on every issue we face together in the world. Politics is the ultimate intersection of "diversity", where we -- who come from everywhere and anywhere, with innumerable perspectives and value systems -- must connect with the entire human family as well as our local and national contexts, to collectively resolve and weave the solutions and actions that must unfold through us now if civilization is to thrive into the next century.


  • Help weave a network alliance of leading-edge groups and individuals who sense some portion or all of these possibilities and want to work together with others in this grand task of helping to launch an new world that works for all.
  • Who is doing this work, how can we connect the elements brought to us by each individual participant or sector of expertise, what are the inspiring master-principles that support and inform inspired cooperation across all sectors and boundaries and cultural divisions? These answers are unfolding through us under inspired common guidance.
  • Reinforce and connect and inspire the emerging vision of human potential at its highest and most fulfilled and evolved level, and nurture the growth of well-being across the entire face of human civilization.