Major dimensions of global shift

The Weaving Unity project combines many sectors and dimensions of human experience into one framework. The project is "interdisciplinary and interspiritual", meaning that it is political, scientific and spiritual, all at the same time. Some of this work is entirely new, some of it follows projects and ideas out there in the world today.

This design represents an effort to develop a comprehensive and workable framework for combining all aspects of human thinking into a single framework. This is a big idea, and one we see as historically unfeasible. Today, in in the context of many unprecedented new possibilities, including the internet and computer science, such grandly inclusive begin to make sense.

We are looking to gradually build relationships with people and groups we admire who are working in one or more of these areas today, and who might want to be involved in a broadly inclusive multi-faceted project, selecting areas of interest on an a la carte basis.

Some major dimensions of this emerging shift are listed below.

How do these elements come together and how does their combination help inspire and empower a significant social and spiritual and political change?