Thank you, Wikipedia

This project is highly indebted to the fabulous Wikipedia, which makes highly ambitious and widely inclusive projects like this feasible. Without their stability, their speed of access, their breadth of inclusion, and the sheer expertise and trustworthy quality of their articles, we would be stuck in a previous century buried under impossible hard labor.

Our understanding:

  • The Weaving Unity project converges and combines many subject areas. Our task is to help bring them together into a single integral framework.
  • No one scholar can be expert in all these subjects. It makes sense to directly cite Wikipedia articles. In many cases, we do not need to rewrite them, or write our own commentaries.
  • Many Wikipedia articles are "vetted" and edited by multiple writers and scholars. This process amounts to a kind of cross-correlated peer review, which helps maintain the accuracy, impartiality, academic quality and authenticity of the article.
  • Understood this way, we are not relying on a "single source", but on a community of sources. This is a remarkable virtue of the Wikipedia project.

Many sections in this Weaving Unity database directly cite or quote at length from Wikipedia articles. We are striving to attach a Wikipedia link to every such citation or quote.

The below link to Wikipedia reviews some of these issues regarding authenticity, controversy and vetting/peer review.