Project design: the integral jigsaw puzzle

In our network database, we are gathering together and listing many "objects" -- among which we include "subjects, topics, concepts, disciplines, projects, people, and organizations" -- into a single framework.

We are convening these elements into a single network where we are supposing we can help coordinate their interconnection in a holistic and graceful and enlightened way.

  • What types of "objects" should we be gathering and attempting to coordinate? Is this list too ambitious? Part of this is design -- and part of this is concrete outreach and effective activism.
  • How can we list the elements in a collaborative way? How can we use network tools to help insure full inclusion? We ask participants to make suggestions for facets we may have overlooked.

Big picture elements

  • Interdisciplinary -- how are disciplines held in a common integral context?
  • Interfaith and Interspirituality -- how are spiritual and religious traditions held in a common integral context?
  • Politics and governance -- how are collective decisions held within this same context, with the appropriate and balanced/proportionate influence of any related disciplines or moral/ethical insights?

The "Project for semantic ontology" is part of this gigantic jigsaw assembly