The transmutation of religion

Design for the transmutation and universalization of religion

Basic principles

  • Religion in general is an institutionalization of spirituality. It is a cultural/social agreement among many people, generally administered by a hierarchy or bureaucracy or guru/authority figure, for the purpose of introducing a broad social agreement on issues and concerns that would remain relatively private and personal if they remained only spiritual. Religion builds that agreement and shared understanding among its members and followers. This process builds social cohesion and trust. When the religion is healthy, the culture becomes healthy.

  • All monotheistic spirituality -- and by extension, all monotheistic religion -- is grounded in the experience of The One or Oneness, or some such similar term.

  • We need to develop a scientific model of oneness, and then develop any number of special-purpose individual interpretations of each of the participating religions and cultures, showing how each of them can legitimately and without distortion be understood as an interpretation of the underlying common oneness.

  • This process should involve a detailed study of language, concepts, principles, terms, showing how the practice and ethics and doctrine of this tradition are a specialize interpretation and expression of this underlying idea.

  • This should be explicitly and consciously negotiated in an ongoing international context, under the guidance of experts and representatives of each tradition, under the auspices of a general-purpose and shared co-creative agreement.

We agree to work together. We agree to listen to one another with respect. We agree to search for common solutions and agreement wherever possible, and where not possible, look for alternative that support friendly cooperation and trust without breaking the collaborative/cooperative spirit.


  • Look for accommodation and reconciliation with the methods of science.

  • Find points of interpretation where existing or traditional doctrine can be understood as a precursor or approximation of an idea that can (and possibly should) be refined by scientific method.