Dimensional ontology

We are tinkering with a powerful model of conceptual structure.

We interpret the One of Plotinus in terms of algebra and the mathematics of categories, proposing a new model that shows how the Plotinus model relates to traditional algebraic ideas like continuity, and how the continuum of the One is divided int innumerable categories through the process of "duality".

We suggest a general model of conceptual form based on the principle of dimensionality as it maps into the One, through a hierarchy (an "ontology") of levels, as the process of abstraction and linking categories together by similarities leads to the "upper ontology" of the one that contains -- and in the end guides and stabilizes and influences -- absolutely everything.

The One IS "the absolute" -- and its form is replicated at all levels of scale -- and in people in the sense that we all contain and incarnate a model of this same idea. "You are made in the likeness and image of God"

All categories are distinctions cut through the wholeness of the One, creating duality and binary choices and multiple-choices. -- and everything else.