The Cosmic Christ

The Cosmic Christ is the universal form of Logos, the universal form of One as it can be realized and expressed within the framework of human existence.

It is the realization and expression of Oneness and perfect (or as close to perfect as possible) virtue, realized in an individual human being.

It is a human being replicating the universal cosmic template of the One in their personal incarnation -- in their body, in their mind, in their actions, in their world.

As the universal form of One and Logos, it can be expressed throughout all aspects of life.

It is the essential guardian of wholeness and wisdom and truth and virtue, in the individual, in the family, in the town or neighbor or region or nation or world.

It is an essential aspect of the bridge interconnecting all religions and all aspects of culture.

It is -- or can represent -- the foundation of healthy and wise and wholesome community. It is an interpretation of the universal guiding matrix for a healed and enlightened world.