Invitation for the interspiritual movement

We are building a broadly inclusive social-change movement grounded in the traditional "Oneness" or "One" that is seen as the ground of many or most religions and spiritual traditions.

This project is today in its design stages, and is emerging as a complexly "integral" framework capable of coordinating not only religious and spiritual traditions, but also the interaction of scientific disciplines and any other kinds of cultural groups or sectors.

The project grows from an updated interpretation of the traditional concept of Oneness or Logos, and sees in that framework an integral structure that supports and unfolds all conceptual structure and form. The project is a kind of tree structure intended to affirm common ground -- across cultures, across disciplines, across sectors.

The general structure of this core emerges as a "semantic ontology" -- a technical system of definitions and conceptual constructions that emerges from the Logos as a kind of non-dual overlay on the primal oneness that is that container of all we do and think. So parts of this project tend to be highly technical.

We are defining the guts of this project in terms consistent with computer science. We don't just want to "talk about these things". We want to build systems based on them, and we want strong and effective engineering. We are mystic visionaries, computer engineers, and social-change activists -- all at the same time, all unfolding through a common spirit and intention.

The principles of dialogue affirm a common ground in the Logos. We can meet each other there and span any differences as we seek for common values and principles that can support "a world that works for all".


What we want to do

  • Build agreement on a common intention -- to clarify and recognize the common unity that underlies the truth and virtue and illumination of religion and spirituality, and which supports the wellbeing of all human (or "living") beings anywhere.

  • Create a common ethic of community and shared responsibility and caring. We are "all in this together" -- let's find the best ways to work together and help build a unified and unifying movement that interconnects voices and activists from anywhere across the spectrum of human experience.

  • We want to find activists with motivation and capacity -- "People Who Care" -- who can show up even just a little bit or once in a while, to help kick in a bit of insight or another helpful connection. We want to build a team -- a multi-color multi-ethnic multi-cultural team of wisdom-guided heart-centered unifiers who want to help stop the human ruin and agony that is the fruit of our too-common collective ignorance or willfulness.

  • Understood in the right way, religion and spirituality can become a thrilling and effective force for unity. We want to find activists who understand this, and help entrain their activism across this planet in resonant ways that support healing and equitable wellbeing.

  • Build a communion of activists who want to reach out in every direction to interconnect with many many others who feel something very similar -- who know it should happen, who believe it can happen, who want to help make it happen.

  • Engage forces across the spectrum, ranging from a spirit-guided core to science and business and politics, creating unity across this vast range of human potential, and emerging as a decisive influence for social transformation in all sectors of human experience.