Universal hierarchy - UHA

This "UHA" -- the "Universal Hierarchy of Abstraction" -- is a soft intuitive generalization supported by induction and probability. It can be interpreted in terms of ancient and venerable philosophic and spiritual/metaphysical/holistic metaphors, like the Great Chain of Being or Jacob's Ladder. A whole career could be built around the study of hierarchical metaphors and their recurrence throughout history.

We are looking at a series of common techniques and methods, and noting that they are all organized in a hierarchical form, along a series of levels.

Those levels, in the general case, are "levels of abstraction".

Abstraction is a process that creates generalities based on similarities, at the cost of omitting or skipping over detail.

Abstraction is essential to the demands of psychological economy. We must speak about and consider reality in terms of generalities, because we cannot cite every tiny specific detail.

Yet we want to keep our generalizations accurate, so we develop the methods of science to test and confirm our conclusions.

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