Lead hypothesis

We are anticipating the emergence of an integral conjunction -- the union into a single algebraic structure of a great many sub-elements or facets or aspects, which we believe can be combined into one very useful and illuminating algebraic form.

Right now, the task is to take notes, and get this idea sketched. We will aim for a higher degree of rigor and precision as the definitions get clearer. This is a complex process of integration that combines many parts , and we want to list what they are.

The general form is "hierarchy of abstraction" -- as "levels of abstraction" are defined along a vertical spectrum, and composed on concepts.

All concepts take an essentially hierarchical form ranging from specific to general, and the UHA is something like "the concept of all concepts".

  • Universal hierarchy -- a generalization of hierarchical form along a single dimension (or "trunk of the tree) which is usually defined in the vertical dimension (Y axis), in a range from "lower" to "higher". Lowest and highest are limits at infinity.

  • We want to combine a series of common ontological forms which are special-purpose adaptations of this general form. The obvious examples are

    • The process of abstraction, which ascends vertically from narrower specifics to broader generalities. Many terms are defined along this spectrum, depending on the special purpose of the moment.

    • Taxonomy -- broad general category at the top, descending through levels (genus, species, etc.), which specific concrete instances at the bottom

    • Part/whole relationships

    • Concepts, which are generalizations drawn on the basis of similarities among instances. This process ascends in levels of abstraction