The Moment


We stand at a critical juncture in human history. Against the backdrop of a world political, economic and social landscape dominated by fear and division, new occasions are arising to weave hearts and minds into a greater planetary unity—once and for all.

The Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto is one of the flagship events of this growing global stream comprised of peace, justice, inclusion and technological and ecological “tributaries.” Rooted in faith and spirituality, the Parliament offers powerful networking opportunities for the many different religious and spiritual organizations addressing issues including ecology, indigenous concerns, women’s empowerment, conscious business and social justice.

In light of the increasing challenges we face as well as the unprecedented and unlimited opportunities before us, UNITY EARTH and partners are convening a special Pre-Parliament gathering on October 31, the day before the Parliament begins. This Toronto Convergence which is by invitation only, will include leaders of various organizations, social influencers and activists whose life’s work is dedicated to the overall mission of peace, unity, harmony, justice, and a successful transition to the next stage of spiritual evolution toward a global culture of peace.

The day-long facilitated discussion will focus on how all these different yet complementary elements can come together to achieve something at historic scale and visibility over the coming years. The framework for this discussion of “unifying the unifiers” in the short term will be based on the global Road to 2020.

The participants involved in this smaller gathering are also invited to take part in the major plenary event we have planned during the Parliament of the World’s Religions. This presentation will include major religious, spiritual and social leaders as well as dancers, musicians and an actual experience along the Road to 2020.