A common foundation

We are envisioning and proposing a "common foundation for science, humanism, spirituality, semantics and mathematics."

What are we talking about? How is this possible or even conceivable? What could it look like? Why is this a realistic intention? Why is it desirable?

This project is driven by a universal vision of oneness or "The One", as it has arisen in a thousand ways through the history of the world. Oneness can be understood as the core idea of most major religions and we are seeing this idea today in philosophic and scientific terms which we think undergird most or all philosophic and analytic thinking.

This idea has its roots in areas like cognitive psychology and in mysticism. It is consistent with Jungian ideas, and with many holistic models and metaphors that have arisen throughout history.

We are proposing ways that this same model, described in different terms, can be understood as the foundation of all conceptual structure, the underlying structure behind all ideas and interpretation and language.

Of course this is a big idea -- and one to approach with caution and respect and care. This ambition and vision is transformational. It represents an historical transition, something deeply new. It is an "integral" model of human thinking and understanding -- where all the pieces and separate departments of human thinking are interconnected within a single multi-layer multi-level framework.