Continuum may refer to:

  • Continuum (measurement), theories or models that explain gradual transitions from one condition to another without abrupt changes

  • Mathematics

    • Continuum (set theory), the real line or the corresponding cardinal number

    • Linear continuum, any ordered set that shares certain properties of the real line

    • Continuum (topology), a nonempty compact connected metric space (sometimes Hausdorff space)

    • Continuum hypothesis, the hypothesis that no infinite sets are larger than the integers but smaller than the real numbers

    • Cardinality of the continuum, a cardinal number that represents the size of the set of real numbers

  • Science

    • Continuum morphology, in plant morphology, underlining the continuum between morphological categories

    • Continuum concept, in psychology

    • Continuum mechanics, in physics, deals with continuous matter

    • Space-time continuum, any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single continuum

    • Continuum theory of specific heats of solids, see Debye model

    • Triune continuum, trinity of continual representations in general system modeling defined in the theory of triune continuum, used in the Triune continuum paradigm

    • Continuous spectrum, referred to simply as the continuum in contrast to discrete spectral lines