Our voice

Bruce Schuman is a writer, an analyst, a mystic, a visionary and a network developer. He has been developing internet and online projects since the 1980's, and has been spearheading innovative concepts in psychology and philosophy since his days in the late 1960's as an undergraduate student at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

This weaving project is emerging after a lifetime of philosophic exploration and project development. It is a proposal, a suggestion, a vision, spanning the full breadth of human inquiry and experience. We are only beginning to bring this project into the world. Though hundreds of people many groups and organizations have influenced this project, for now, everything here is written and organized by Bruce.

So when we say "we" -- this is an editorial voice, a kind of presumed co-creative unity of influences that is coming together to "speak with one voice" -- or so it might be.

There is a long history here, and a profound effort to act as an agent of highly informed and visionary transformative change. "Something is happening here" and around this planet. There is a movement emerging -- a movement towards community, towards interpersonal connection that transcends particular cultures, that is driven by the profound effects of globalization as those effects shape every aspect of human life and culture.

This project seems to be driven by and unfolding through the grace and power of this One that seems to contain the guidance and wholeness many of us are looking for across this planet. So this project emerges as an offering towards the well-being of idealistic global community and people anywhere. It's intended for anyone who wants to work with others and share this planet in a spirit of fairness and balance and mutual care, who wants to follow the ancient admonition to "love one another", who wants to give their lives and energy to the spirit of truth and kindness.